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Friday, 6 February 2015

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - February 2015 - ‘Be an example to others’

Have you ever wondered how society has changed? You might ask, how come society has changed so much, does real ‘Love’ still exist?

Every person is part of society. Every person in different ways influence society. So what can we do to see a better society? Can real ‘Love’ be the foundation of society?

All we can do is to be an example to others. We are to love the people we meet during the day, through the love of Christ. Christ is the treasure we are to give to others. Real ‘Love’ is only possible by giving Christ to the other person. Society is waiting for Christ!

So, how can we be an example to others? By being a person who help our colleagues at our workplace. By spending quality time with our children as a family. By helping our parish priest to be able to reach out to the parishioners. By sharing the love of God to the young generation. By being a messenger of peace through His love.

Of course, there are more ways how we can be an example to others to change society. If only we had to stop and listen to His voice, and let Him tell us what to do. If only we have more time to listen to Him. If only we had to do what He tells us to do.

Let us be an example to others… and give Christ to the people.

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