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‘Getting to know Jesus’

Many books, articles have been written about Jesus.   Many films about Jesus have also been done.   Also, on the internet one can find endless information about Jesus.   All these can help or disrupt you from getting to know Jesus.   This depends solely if the source is genuine or not. Getting to know Jesus in a personal way is possible by building a personal relationship with Him.   A relationship built through prayer, and of sincerely seeking Him in your life.   Pray, pray, pray to really know Jesus in a personal way.   Pray to Jesus that He may guide you about the Truth and to reveal to you His Love. Knowing Jesus makes a big difference in life.   Be encouraged and know that there are millions of people who really know Jesus and are living a fulfilled life through His Love. You can also be one of those people who know Jesus.   Pray, get to know Jesus, and live a fulfilled life.                                                                In Peace.           

Following Christ will bring you fulness in life

Following Christ will bring you fulness in life   FOR MORE INSPIRATIONAL PHOTOS GO TO:    

Unity for all humanity

There are many reasons why the world is not in unity. Unity is built upon the love of neighbour. Wherever there is disunity humanity suffers. When one reflects upon life, one will soon realize that life is built upon relationships. A true strong relationship is built upon the reciprocal love between neighbours. This, in reality, to love a neighbour is not easy.  The only way through my experience of life, to love your neighbour is to love Jesus. There is no other way or method, how to love a neighbour. The source of life, that is the source of Love, is from the Loving Father. Unity for all humanity, is only possible by Loving the Father. In Unity George Calleja – Malta ps Kindly note that my website 'Peace and unity in our lives' with the address as:- is being updated nearly on a daily basis. So visit the website often as there is always something new for you… to enrich your faith! Follow

The Love of Christ always flows towards our lives.

The Love of Christ always flows towards our lives. --------------------  for more inspirational photos go to

Newsletter by George Calleja (Christian Author) - No. 64 Monthly Reflection – October 2017 – ‘What are you doing with your talents?’

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