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30 Second Clip - No 49 – What is Justice?

  30 Second Clip - No 49 – What is Justice? Produced by George Calleja (Christian Author)   So welcome back to this 30 Second Clip and I hope that you are all doing well. Today I would like to ask you a question. What is Justice? My friends, justice consists in the firm and constant will to give to others their due. What is to give to others their due? Amongst others there is to give a just pay to workers, that laws are observed by all, and that taxes are to be paid by all. Justice is very important for humanity. Without justice there is no humanity. Take care and hope you practice justice. George Calleja (Christian Author)

Always help your neigbbour

In life, we are faced with different daily activities. These activities could include of going to school or going to work, visit a relative, going shopping, going for a walk or watching TV. There are many more activities that one undertakes during a day. There is an activity which is very different from others. An activity that is based on love. Maybe this activity is better to be called ‘an act of love’ .   This activity, is to help your neighbour. Think about it? When was the last time you helped your neighbour? Helping your neighbour does not only fulfils your life with peace, joy and happiness, but also fulfills your neighbours life. So amongst the different daily activities you do, make sure to find time to always help your neighbour.   God Bless you and take care, George Calleja (Christian Author).   Official Websites:

HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST is titled ‘Jesus in my life’

     Here we are once again for the 21 st episode of HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST. I am really glad from the feedback I am receiving. that you are appreciating these videos and that they are helping you to have a stronger faith and to follow Christ. So my friends, today’s episode of HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST is titled ‘ Jesus in my life’ ---- Over a number of years, I have seen the importance of sharing about how Jesus has affected my life. This is an experience which I always try to share with other people. Why do I feel that this is important? Having Jesus in my life has made a big difference. When I accepted Jesus and built this personal relationship with Him, my life became fulfilled. He brought joy to my life, He is always there when I am weak… but above all, through Him I got to know the loving Father. This experience of mine is worth nothing if I keep it to myself. I share about Jesus to others because I have experienced Him personally and discovered tha