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‘Looking forward to Christmas’

We all look forward to Christmas, young and old.   There is a feeling a well being and everyone shakes hands and offers you his/her good wishes.   That is a good thing; a very good thing.   This is not just a religious feeling but even people who do not believe in God portray this sense of wellbeing towards others.   The lights, the colourful shops, the songs in the streets, the offers to help others – all these help us to remember that we live with other people and if we help them then we are giving them part of our love. Imagine if this feeling was carried on throughout the year.   Why should I not continue to salute my neighbour every morning or the guy with whom I share the lift.   Why should I not continue to do small, simple gestures of love towards others which cost me nothing but which may make some body feel good today – I may just allow some one to come out from a difficult side street to pass in front of me; I may just smile at an elderly couple and say “Good morning”

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 4)

·          Love is the most valuable treasure in the world. Without it destruction reigns. ·          Whenever there is real forgiveness, love shall reign. ·          Be humble in every situation, so that joy shines in your life. ·          The Eucharist......thank you Jesus for I am able to receive you in everyday of my life. ·          Prayer makes me closer to Jesus, it helps me to know Him more. ·          You are never alone in difficult times, as He is always there beside you. ·          Knowing Jesus in a personal way, makes one's life fulfilled. ·          Helping people with their needs is a way to love your neighbour. ·          Those who are poor in spirit are mostly in need of prayer. ·          Know that Jesus is always waiting for you to accept His love. ·          Jesus, your love is very special, your love is always new each day.   In Peace George Calleja - Malta ps Just to inform you that my   website 'Peace and unity

It is a joy to follow Jesus

Following Jesus........being His disciple to share His love with others. Through His love.........people will experience Him in a personal way. Give Him a chance.......and your life will be fulfilled.   My experience of is a joy to follow Jesus. My prayer for you......that you open your heart for Him. Why I pray this for you also feel and experience His joy in your life.   In Unity, George Calleja – Malta ps Kindly note that my website 'Peace and unity in our lives' with the address as:- is being updated nearly on a daily basis. So visit the website often as there is always something new for you….to enrich your faith! Follow me on TWITTER  

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - December 2013 - 'The crib for baby Jesus'

Christmas is once again with us. The joy that baby Jesus was born.......and through Him Salvation was possible. This month we should make an extra effort to really let Jesus be in us, live in us, live in others. The crib for baby Jesus is that He lives in our hearts. Jesus has taught us how to love, the love that brings peace in families, between nations, that brings peace in our hearts. The best Christmas present is to give Jesus to others, where there are arguments between married couples.....let there be peace, where there are wars between nations.....let there be peace. Jesus is the source for all peace. We are encouraged to really do our best, all of us are able to make it happen, that is to know Jesus and let Him in our hearts. Ask people who have experienced Jesus, who really give their heart as a crib for baby Jesus , what it means to have Jesus in your heart. This is the difference in life......a life of peace through Jesus or a life without Jesus that is without