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The Queen of the Universe

                                      Mary, the Mother of Jesus The Mother of all families The Mother of all nations The Mother of all generations   Mary, who walks with us to Jesus To know Him To embrace Him To follow Him   Mary, full of love Full of obedience Full of comfort Full of holiness   Mary, the Immaculate Conception The Mother of God The Voice of the sufferers The Queen of the Universe     God Bless you and take care, George Calleja (Christian Author).   Published books by George Calleja:

‘Being Jesus to others’

  Hello once again to the episode 27th of HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST , and in today’s episode we are going to reflect ‘ Being Jesus to others ’ ----- A couple of days ago , I was thinking about the many persons I know who have still not experienced Jesus in their personal life. There could be many reasons why these persons have still not experienced Jesus in their lives. Maybe their family upbringing did not allow them to know Jesus in their lives. Maybe they were influenced by their friends who did not live the Gospel but sought different negative adventures which life offers when being away from Christ. Whatever the reason, these persons still deserve to know Jesus and to have a personal relationship with Him. But what can I do about it? How can these persons get to know Jesus in a personal way? The answer is simple… I am to be Jesus to them. Every baptized Christian is to be Jesus to others. This is possible by receiving the Eucharist and / or listening to the Wo