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‘SUNDAY nite LIVE’ session Number 6.

  Welcome to today’s ‘SUNDAY nite LIVE’ session Number 6 . I will be reading from my Christian Book ‘ Spiritual Reflections’ . I hope that you enjoy this session and that you participate by leaving a comment. Hope you join me again on a Sunday for another session of ‘SUNDAY nite LIVE’. Keeping you always in my prayers. Take care and be blessed. God Bless you and take care, George Calleja (Christian Author).  Ps   Also, kindly note that to know more about the social networks of George Calleja and to make contact with the author, kindly follow the below links:   Linktree:   Patreon:   Peace and unity in our lives:

Do not fear to share the Good News

Sharing the Good News is the call of every Christian. Sharing the love of God, the Salvation that was brought through His Son Jesus and sharing about the Resurrection, is to be shared to all mankind throughout the world. Christians are not to fear to share the Good News, for as it was promised, He will always be with us. It is the love of the Lord that will strengthen each Christian to share the Good News. Christians are to have the same zeal, same courage as the first Apostles, that after the Resurrection of the Lord, filled with the Holy Spirit, the Apostles shared the Good News, with enthusiasm throughout the nations. So, do not fear to share the Good News… He is always with you.   God Bless you George Calleja (Christian Author) Linktree: Patreon: SmashWords: Amazon: