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Short Inspirational Messages (Number 28)

·          To know Christ is to love your neighbour … the refugee, the prisoner, the sick person, the unborn child … and all humanity. ·          God embraces all the children in the world … for He is the creator. ·          Christ is the only way to Salvation. ·          The Cross is the bridge to heaven. ·          Being a Christian is to live the Word of God. ·          Life without Christ is a life without living the Word. ·          Following Christ is being Jesus to others. ·          You have only one life, you have only one way to live, that is by following Jesus. ·          Peace is possible, if you care and love your neighbour. ·          A Christian is to share God’s love. ·          If you truly follow Jesus … you are to love your neighbour. ·          When being down and feeling helpless, know that He is with you. ·          Prayer is a way to draw us closer to God. In Peace George Calleja – Malta ps