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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Spiritual wounds caused through conflicts and war

Even as I write, conflicts, wars and fights are happening in various parts of the world. Some conflicts are on a large scale, involving different countries, others are on a smaller scale, within the same country. These are caused because of different ideologies, corruption, political situations, religious or cultural beliefs and as a result of other situations which do not embrace peace, but hatred and disunity.
It is a known fact that these circumstances bring about a large number of loss of lives, with many more others being injured. All this suffering cause a deep hurt to the loved ones who are left to face these situations, of seeing their parents, children, relatives, friends… killed, injured, or sustaining a permanent disability, seeing their dreams shattered, without any justice done; and all this for the sake of the individuals carrying out their evil sinful actions.
Where is God in all this? For sure this is a question asked by all those who have suffered directly or indirectly from these situations. Many families have suffered, many people are carrying this pain daily in their lives and some will continue to do so for the rest of their life.  We all witness to these tragedies that occur daily in different parts of the world.
This painful wound could also have a tremendous impact upon one’s faith. Does God really exist? How come God permits all this to happen? The spiritual wounds caused through these tragedies might lead individuals to find it difficult to relate to God, ‘a God of love’! Some people will find it difficult to forgive, forget and find peace.
These wounds have already been dealt with by Jesus on the cross. The suffering caused as a result of all these tragedies have been nailed with the crucified Lord on the cross.  In the midst of these misfortunes we are to go to Jesus with our wounds, for He is the one who can truly comfort us, can truly give us the necessarily grace to forgive, can give us the peace we require even when we cannot understand, can heal us from these spiritual wounds. Jesus Himself has sustained these wounds.

Lord, I come to you and bring to you the people who have suffered because of these type of tragedies.
Give these people your blessings, your comfort, and a new heart to forgive.
I pray for all those who have died in these sad circumstances, that they may be with you in eternity.
And for those, Lord, who have been injured, and still suffer through disability and psychological pain, grant them your healing, and restore in them their spiritual life, that they may embrace you, forgive others and love their neighbour.

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

In Unity
George Calleja – Malta
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 (This reflection is an extract from my book ‘Heal my wounds’)

Monday, 4 June 2018

Monthly Reflection June 2018 ‘The babies in their mothers’ womb want to live’

A couple of days ago I was in a chapel, praying, meditating and experiencing the Love of God in a personal way. It was a moment of peace, of knowing that God treasures me immensely. I was reflecting about life, of how wonderful it is, even when we face difficult moments in our life. In those precise difficult moments of life, God intervenes through His grace, to present us with His peace, His love, His care, His comfort… so as to experience His love in a personal way.

During this time of meditating I also remembered about the babies in their mother’s womb. Would these mothers accept their baby in their womb and let them live, to experience life, to be loved and experience the wonderful life God prepared for them? Or, would certain mothers not want their babies to live and experience life?

The babies in their mothers’ womb would want to live. They are a gift not only to their mother and father… but to all humanity. They are a gift that God presents to humanity. When we love our neighbour we are loving Jesus. When a mother loves her baby in her womb and accepts the baby to be born she is loving Jesus. When a mother does not accept a baby to be born… Jesus suffered for this situation on the cross.

Jesus called the children to go to Him… let us pray that all mothers accept their babies in their womb… and let them live and experience through God’s grace this wonderful life.

In Unity,
George Calleja – Malta
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