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'Spiritual Reflections’

' Spiritual Reflections’ You can download this ebook from the following links:- SmashWord Amazon Barnes & Noble Indigo Kobo Scribd THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS A PAPERBACK VERSION FROM AMAZON. TO PURCHASE THIS PAPERBACK BOOK GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINK:- AMAZON: Over the past years, ever since I started interacting on social media by sharing my

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 26)

·          There is only one real happiness, that is of following Christ. ·          Receiving the Eucharist is the most precious moment of the day. ·          Whenever I help someone, I am doing it to Jesus. ·          Love your neighbour and live in peace. ·          Love is the answer where there is hatred. ·          Three words that can change the world … LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR ·          Prayer will bring unity to humanity. ·          The world is in need of true witnesses of Christ. ·          The Joy of the Lord is for all to experience. ·          In a time of desperation, know that the Lord is always there. ·          My prayer for the world is to love our neighbour. ·          To be a true Christian, is to follow Him without any compromise. ·          Following Christ will bring you fullness in life. ·          Sin distance us from going to the Father. By doing acts of love we live in His presence. In Peace George C