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There is only one way… JESUS

In everyday life, everybody seeks to be happy. Everybody wants to be fulfilled and never to face hardship and disappointment. It seems that everybody is trying to find a way to be glad, rich, famous. Different people are trying different ways to find the meaning of life. In my opinion and through my experience of life, there is only one way in life. This is JESUS. Jesus is the Way and is the only Way. All that matters in life, is to follow Jesus and to have a personal relationship with HIM. There is only one way… JESUS. In Unity, George Calleja   (Christian   Author) ps To know more about me kindly follow the below links to my websites and other social networks:

Newsletter by George Calleja (Christian Author) - No. 74 Monthly Reflection August 2018 ‘Life... is all about loving’

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'In His Image’

' In His Image’ You can download this ebook from the following links:- Amazon SmashWord Barnes & Noble Scribd THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS A PAPERBACK VERSION FROM AMAZON. TO PURCHASE THIS PAPERBACK BOOK GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINK:- AMAZON: Living in today’s society brings with it various challenges for everyone. These challenges partly result from the evolvement over the years of the way people think, live and interact together. Different ideologies are widely expressed and practiced in the world. Cultures from all over the world are easily found in many countries, as people move and se