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When Mary was under the cross and she heard Jesus say his last words: “God why have you forsaken me?”; could it be that she also said them herself. She could have; she certainly was entitled to do so; she must have felt the same, seeing her son, whom she knew was God leaving her on her own. BUT SHE SUFFERED IN SILENCE. Silence is a virtue which few appreciate in today’s world. Mary was the silence behind Jesus’s words throughout his life. She was also the silence at the very end of His life. Maybe she knew and believe that Jesus will raise again. She heard Him say it, but did she understand Him until it actually happened? Today, we know what happened so we know the historical part, at least. If I really believe that Jesus rose from the dead, that I am able to suffer like Mary did IN SILENCE. Silence is stronger than words. May Mary be our guide whenever we are suffering and let us offer this suffering such that we give value to it. (Paul Borg – Malta [June 2014]) In Un

Life is wonderful , it is the source of His love.

Life is wonderful , it is the source of His love.   ----------------   for more inspirational photos go to

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 8)

·          The fullness of life is found through loving God. ·          You can be an instrument to bring Jesus to your neighbour. ·          Your daily love to the needy is a way to evangelise. ·          The Cross….the hands of Jesus stretched out to take all the sins….the same hands showing us the way to the Father. ·          In every difficult situation of life, remember about Jesus on the cross. ·          Trust your life to Him and you will not be disappointed. ·          Every moment in life is an opportunity to love. ·          Wishing you all a lovely day, by loving your neighbour and praising the Lord. Your witness to others will bring Christ to them. ·          My neighbour, a challenge to love them in each moment of my life. ·          Christ, is the source of my life, He comforts me, and heals me.   In Peace George Calleja - Malta ps Just to inform you that my   website 'Peace and unity in our lives' with the address as h

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - July 2014 - 'Sharing His Love'

Recently I was thinking how important it is to share the love of Christ with others. There are different opportunities to do this, at work, at school, in our families, when meeting our friends, etc. Each of these opportunities we are to share His Love, through our example, by loving the other person we meet, through patience, through charity, through forgiveness, through listening to others, through giving a helping hand.....just as Jesus would have done it.   Sharing His Love, is a must to do, to grow in our relationship with Jesus, to be a light to society, to bring peace and joy. When I look back at my life, I recall many moments when this love was shared with me. These moments made an impact in my faith, my attitude towards life, my relationship with the people around relationship with Jesus. Thanks to the people who shared His love with me, I have changed my life, grew in His Love, and now I share His Love with others.   Oh, how important it is to share His Lo