Short Inspirational Messages (Number 30)

 Short Inspirational Messages (Number 30)

·        Jesus is my everything is my Saviour

·        Peace is possible whenever we love our neighbor.

·        Even in sickness one can rejoice through the risen Lord

·        Your life is rich if you follow Jesus and do His will.

·        In time of darkness, His light will guide us

·        Any pain we experience, is the pain Jesus died for.

·        Love, overcomes hatred

·        Listening and living the Word of God, is very important for a Christian

·        His peace is possible, through the unity of the Holy Trinity

·        Seek His peace, live His peace and share His peace

·        Say a prayer for your neighbour and help your neighbour

·        Be a helpful person to all those in need

·        Seek Jesus in your life and let Him mould you

·        Forgiveness is possible through the love and grace of Christ

God Bless you and take care,

George Calleja (Christian Author / Podcaster).



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