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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Monthly Reflection - September 2015 – ‘Your relationship with Jesus’

 Many people claim that they have a relationship with Jesus. But what does a relationship with Jesus means? Is your relationship with Jesus resulting in peace with your neighbour? Are you helping the needy and poor and being one with them?

A relationship with Jesus does not only consist of spending time in prayer, participating in mass, listening to the Word of God or attending to a prayer group amongst others. A relationship with Jesus also requires to be in unity with the Holy Trinity, to be Jesus with others, and do His will in your daily life.

So a relationship with Jesus transforms you to be a peacemaker, to share the Good News, to be a witness of His love, to be joyful when being persecuted, to truly live up to the Beatitudes and be called blessed by God.

Like any kind of relationship, a relationship with Jesus takes time to develop and mature. When this relationship with Jesus grows it reaps the desired fruits in one’s life. You will be happy even though you pass through difficult times in life, you will be joyful even though you might be poor. Jesus is always there to be with us even when we fall and abandon Him. He will give us the grace to return to Him and continue with our journey to salvation through our relationship with Him.

A personal relationship with Jesus is there for all to have.


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