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Friday, 24 October 2014

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 10)

·         My neighbour, an opportunity to share His Love.
·         Being one with your neighbour is being with Jesus.

·         Receiving the Eucharist makes me whole and knowing Jesus more in an intimate way.

·         To serve others is a way to bring Christ to the people.

·         Jesus, He forgave me, He loves me in a personal way.

·         Unity, brings peace to the world, unites broken families through His Love.

·         Mary, a mother who suffered, a mother who loved endlessly, an example to all other mothers.

·         Loving and forgiveness are two actions we are to do everyday.

·         Praying is a lifestyle that makes you closer to Jesus.

·         Helping the one next to you is loving Jesus.

·         Mothers and fathers are to give their children the love of Jesus.

·         Always seek how to love more the way that Jesus loved us.

·         Trust Him in every moment of your life, He Loves you dearly.

·         Have faith in Him, follow Him, for He wants the best for you.

In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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