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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - July 2014 - 'Sharing His Love'

Recently I was thinking how important it is to share the love of Christ with others. There are different opportunities to do this, at work, at school, in our families, when meeting our friends, etc. Each of these opportunities we are to share His Love, through our example, by loving the other person we meet, through patience, through charity, through forgiveness, through listening to others, through giving a helping hand.....just as Jesus would have done it.
Sharing His Love, is a must to do, to grow in our relationship with Jesus, to be a light to society, to bring peace and joy. When I look back at my life, I recall many moments when this love was shared with me. These moments made an impact in my faith, my attitude towards life, my relationship with the people around relationship with Jesus. Thanks to the people who shared His love with me, I have changed my life, grew in His Love, and now I share His Love with others.
Oh, how important it is to share His Love. Sharing His Love, is a way of living, is a way to follow Christ, is a way to be a Saint.
Go....and share His Love.

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