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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - April 2014 - ‘My Neighbour....’

My neighbour is a divorced person, my neighbour is a drug addict, my neighbour is unemployed, my neighbour is disabled, my neighbour is lonely, my neighbour is Jesus.

My neighbour, am I loving my neighbour, am I reaching to the needs of my neighbour? Do we really love Jesus, and express this love by loving our neighbours? My neighbour is a gift to me, I am a gift to my neighbour, through His love we are a gift to eachother.

Remember that what we do we are doing it to Jesus. Jesus is found in my neighbour. This is a real opportunity to love loving my neighbour.

Be encouraged. Every present moment of your life is an opportunity to love. Every person you meet during the day is your neighbour....remember that person is Jesus! Jesus is waiting for you. Jesus loves you in a personal way.

In return to Jesus love towards you, all you have to do is to love your neighbour.

My neighbour is Jesus!

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