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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - October 2012 - ‘Trust Him’


Have you ever trusted someone with something that is very important to your life?  Maybe it was difficult to find a person whom to trust.  Or, maybe for some kind of reason you find it difficult to trust someone? 

Maybe you needed to be comforted and never found that person whom you could share with and trust.  And over the years you have never managed to find comfort, help, and guidance to your life, because of lack of trust.

For sure there are people whom one can trust to help you with your life.  You need to do your part and ask for help.

Have you ever thought of the person by the name of Jesus?  I know that He really can be trusted.  Try and contact Him.  Well, he doesn’t have a mobile or an email account to get in contact with.  But you can always pray to Him for some advice about life.  

Trust Him…….He will answer you!

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