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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Without God society is sick

Society is composed by people having different cultures and beliefs. Society is a result of what people choose in life. Society reflects the heart of the people.

Todays’ society, especially in the western world, in my opinion is a ‘sick society’. The reason why I have formed this opinion is because in general today’s society is a society without God.

Of course, in todays’ society there are still a good number of Christians who really live up to their faith, together with other people of a different religion who truly love their neighbour. But unfortunately, there are many unbelievers and people who do not live up to their Christian faith, with the consequence of having a society without God.

The only way our society can be healed from its sickness is by returning to God. This entails that society stands up against whatever is evil that distance man from the loving Father, by saying no to the evil things, and by following Christ who will take the whole society to the loving Father.

In Unity
George Calleja – Malta
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