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Thursday, 27 July 2017

'Waking up the sleeping giant’

I just published my latest Christian book 'Waking up the sleeping giant'. This ebook is FREE to download from the following links, but is also available at Amazon as a paperback version.


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Although the title of this book is 'Waking up the sleeping giant', it does not narrate a fairy tale about a beautiful princess who marries the most charming and rich prince, after succeeding to run away from a giant that himself wanted to marry the princess. This book is about the reality of the ‘sleeping giant’, and the consequence it brings to today’s society.

‘Waking up the sleeping giant’ is a challenge to be taken up by many people. If this giant really wakes up, society will have a chance to experience a breath of fresh air that gives life a worthy cause and a meaningful reason to live. One might ask but who is this sleeping giant? What does this sleeping giant have to offer if upon wakening, the world can be a better place to live in?

This sleeping giant can refer to you, to a family member of yours or maybe to some of your friends. The sleeping giant can represent Christians who, although they do good things in their lives, being active in the church and in the community around them, are still not doing God’s will in their lives.  The sleeping giant can be those of us who in the moment of truth to proclaim the Good News, to be witnesses in society and go against the current, eventually will not stand up as Christians and defend their morals and values.

The sleeping giant represents all those who proclaim that they are Christians, but through their lives hardly proclaim the Good News… they are ‘lukewarm’ in their faith.

The aim of this book is to reach out to this sleeping giant and to gently provoke and inspire the giant to wake up. This book proposes to make this giant stand up and be a witness of God’s love to society.

Thank you for finding the time to read this book.

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George Calleja

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Without God society is sick

Society is composed by people having different cultures and beliefs. Society is a result of what people choose in life. Society reflects the heart of the people.

Todays’ society, especially in the western world, in my opinion is a ‘sick society’. The reason why I have formed this opinion is because in general today’s society is a society without God.

Of course, in todays’ society there are still a good number of Christians who really live up to their faith, together with other people of a different religion who truly love their neighbour. But unfortunately, there are many unbelievers and people who do not live up to their Christian faith, with the consequence of having a society without God.

The only way our society can be healed from its sickness is by returning to God. This entails that society stands up against whatever is evil that distance man from the loving Father, by saying no to the evil things, and by following Christ who will take the whole society to the loving Father.

In Unity
George Calleja – Malta
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 24)

·         Trust your future in the hand of God.
·         When the bright sun hides, the sun still burns.  If you think God does not love you, He does love you.
·         A society excluding God, is a society without life.
·         The path of life is to be lived through the love of Jesus.
·         The secret of peace in the world is to love our neighbour.
·         Be a merciful person so heaven would be your future home.
·         Pray everyday for peace and unity in the world and always trust in Him.
·         Know Jesus, be Jesus and give Jesus to society.
·         You are never alone, in spite of how you feel.  He knows you and loves you in a personal way.
·         My life is Yours to share the Good News.
·         I rejoice with my life, as it is a gift of God.
·         You are never alone, as you are always surrounded by His love.
·         Following Jesus entails to let go of worldly desires and to preach the Word to society.
·         Your light shines upon my life, to show me the way to You.
In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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