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Monday, 26 June 2017

The family... a lovely gift from God

The family is a lovely gift from God. Through the grace of God the family radiates the same love as shown by 'Mary and Joseph'.

Families are to have the peace and unity as lived by 'Mary and Joseph'. The holy family of 'Mary and Joseph' is an example to all.

May we follow their example, may we radiate their love, may our families live through the grace of God and accept His personal love for us.

In Unity,
George Calleja – Malta
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

George Calleja (Christian Author)

Peace only comes through God

Many times we have heard and seen people claiming that they are working for peace in the world. Many books have been written about peace, but how can peace really be achieved?

There is only one way how to have peace, even though man offers different ways of how to achieve peace. Peace is only possible when man turns to God and surrender his whole life to Him.

Man is to let go of all sin that separates him from God. It is when man accepts God in his life, that peace would be possible in the world. All earthly things will one day come to an end, but the love of God for mankind is there for eternity.

Accepting God’s love in ones’ life, and loving your neighbor through God’s love, is when one really can speak and work for peace. Peace only comes through God.

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

‘Jesus overcomes all struggles’

At times we struggle with different things in life.  Maybe for some reason we struggle to go to work… or we struggle to love our dear ones!  Maybe we also struggle with our faith and find it difficult to believe in Jesus.  We struggle to forgive!

These struggles together with others make our life burdened and weary. 

We need to understand that all our struggles have been dealt with by Jesus when He died on the cross for us… for you.  Maybe we also struggle to understand this and to believe it.

Maybe all these are the result of not having a personal relationship with Jesus, of not letting Him be part of our life, of not giving Him the chance, of not spending time in prayer.

This is a reality which a lot of people are living… not letting Jesus be part of their life and trying on their own strength to overcome the struggles.  The result being the lack of real peace through love lived between people.

Today, Jesus is still the answer to overcome all these struggles in life.  We only need to Trust Him and in response He will show us the way.  

Jesus is waiting for you!

In Peace,
George Calleja – Malta
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