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Monday, 22 May 2017

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 23)

·         Let not the worries of this world take control of your life.  Let your faith in Jesus be the source of your life.
·         Life is beautiful, it is a gift from God.
·         Life is wonderful, it is the source of His love.
·         Lord, you know me better than I know myself. You know my needs and you care for me.
·         Lord, You will show me the road to paradise.
·         Mary, the Mother of Jesus, pray for us.
·         Our life is like a river, it knows its beginning in God’s mountain of love; it ends peacefully in the ocean of His mercy.
·         Put your trust in Jesus and follow Him in your life.
·         Thank you Jesus, for your daily care and Love.
·         The Lord takes care of every little bird.  So for sure, He will take care of you.
·         The Lord shines our life in different ways.
·         The Love of Christ always flows towards our lives.
·         There might be "ruins" in our lives, but if we look attentively beyond, we will see much "greenery" which God's love helps to grow.
·         Through God's help you will be able to arrive at the top of the hill.
·         Together in Unity, through His love.
·         Whatever the path of life is, I will follow it through His Love.
In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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and ‘Peace and Unity in our lives’
andGeorge Calleja Christian Author

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