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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 20)

·         Trust in Him and your life will be in peace
·         Loving your neighbor is a way to have peace in the world
·         Jesus thank you for your personal love to me
·         Life is fullfilled when we recognize Jesus as our saviour
·         Being with my neighbour, is being with Jesus.
·         Love one another through Jesus... and the world will be in peace
·         My life is beautiful, for I let Jesus to mould my life.
·         When I help the needy, I am one with Jesus.
·         I am fulfilled everytime I help my neighbour.
·         Jesus is my saviour... He draws me closer to God.
·         Life is beautiful when lived in the presence of the Lord.
·         Whenever you feel down, the Lord is always there to lift you up.
In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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and ‘Peace and Unity in our lives’
andGeorge Calleja Christian Author

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