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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 19)

·         Jesus is the way to make your life fulfilled.

·         Follow Jesus in your life and let Him lead you to the way.

·         Loving your neighbour is possible by loving Jesus.

·         Life is all about loving your neighbour and to be in peace with everyone.

·         Holiness is the fulfillment of life by being in peace with the Lord.

·         Happiness and joy is only possible through a relationship with Jesus.

·         The world is in need for your prayers of peace.

·         Be in peace with all and the world will be in peace.

·         Trust in Him and your life will be in peace.

·         Each day brings opportunities to help the needy.

In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
my above mentioned website is being updated nearly on a daily basis. So visit the website often as there is always something new for you….to enrich your faith!

and George Calleja Christian Author

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