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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Monthly Reflection – January 2016 – ‘Being a better person in Christ’ - No. 43

Recently I was reflecting on how someone can be a better person in Christ. Many ideas came to my mind, which this month I would like to share with you.

To become a better person in Christ, one is to accept that God loves each person in a personal way. This acceptance will help the person to understand why Jesus died on the cross. Accepting the salvation of Christ will transform a person to follow Jesus. When a person really follows Jesus, it entails to let go of living a life of sin, letting go of living with bad habits, it entails to do to others what Christ would have done to love each person.

To become a better person in Christ it also entails to spend time in prayer, to seek Gods guidance, to know Jesus in a personal way, to ask God for purification and to mould you in His own way. To become a better person in Christ is to let God totally in your life.

To become a better person in Christ is to dedicate your life by loving your neighbour. Loving your neighbour is only possible by loving Jesus. Always remember that Jesus is in your neighbour and when loving your neighbour you are loving Jesus.

Being a better person in Christ is by loving your neighbour.

George Calleja

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