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Friday, 29 January 2016

Being in peace

Being in peace with one another is something that many people wish to experience. Peace is possible when we love our neighbour, when we help our neighbour, when we forgive our neighbour.
Everybody is to try and live for peace, that is to bring peace wherever one might be.
Peace is only possible when we love one another and to let Him be the center of our lives.
Jesus is the source to bring peace to all.  Are we letting Jesus to bring this peace?

In Unity
George Calleja – Malta
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Saturday, 16 January 2016

'My Little Book Of Daily Prayer'

My book 'My Little Book Of Daily Prayer' (ISBN 9781311849472 {ebook version}, to be provided later  {paperback version}) has been published on the 10 January 2016.

‘My little book of daily prayer’ is intended to help the reader focus on a particular prayer request each day, and to pray to God about it. The aim of this book is for the reader to find guidance to pray each day. The prayers follow reflection presented for each month of the year.

 Each chapter of the book is dedicated for a particular month of the year. The reader is encouraged to accompany the prayer request with other prayers he feels comfortable to use. Here the reader can recite the Rosary, say the Lord’s Prayer, use the prayer request to pray for a particular intention, etc.

 The book is intended to accompany the reader every day, to help him select the prayer request for the day, and to help him during his personal praying time. Through the prayer requests, the reader is encouraged to pray for people going through difficult situations in life and for them to discover and accept Christ in their lives.

I hope that you find this book of interest and that it reaches its aim of helping you in your spiritual growth.
You can download this ebook from the following links:-


Sunday, 10 January 2016

I have been interviewed........

I have been interviewed on the writing blog of Mercedes Fox (Author).

I highly encourage you to read the interview so you know more about me and why I write Christian Books.

The interview is found in the following link:-


Monthly Reflection – January 2016 – ‘Being a better person in Christ’ - No. 43

Recently I was reflecting on how someone can be a better person in Christ. Many ideas came to my mind, which this month I would like to share with you.

To become a better person in Christ, one is to accept that God loves each person in a personal way. This acceptance will help the person to understand why Jesus died on the cross. Accepting the salvation of Christ will transform a person to follow Jesus. When a person really follows Jesus, it entails to let go of living a life of sin, letting go of living with bad habits, it entails to do to others what Christ would have done to love each person.

To become a better person in Christ it also entails to spend time in prayer, to seek Gods guidance, to know Jesus in a personal way, to ask God for purification and to mould you in His own way. To become a better person in Christ is to let God totally in your life.

To become a better person in Christ is to dedicate your life by loving your neighbour. Loving your neighbour is only possible by loving Jesus. Always remember that Jesus is in your neighbour and when loving your neighbour you are loving Jesus.

Being a better person in Christ is by loving your neighbour.

George Calleja