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Saturday, 29 August 2015

A review on my book 'Yes... I Will Follow Him'

Has reviewed my book 'Yes... I Will Follow Him' as follows:

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I strongly recommend anyone to read "Yes I will follow him" by George Calleja. It was beautifully written. I admire how George Calleja let go of his job and family and did ministry for 6 years abroad. It is not easy to let go of everything and just follow Jesus. But there is so much more reward and blessing in following Jesus. I really enjoyed the different verses George mentioned like when Mary was visited by the angel and was told that she would give birth to Jesus, God's son and how she just said yes to the lord, trusting him completely. There is so much for a reader to learn in this novel and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in exploring a closer relationship with the Lord.’

You can download this ebook from the following link:-


Short Inspirational Messages (Number 15)

·         Come and treasure Him... He loves you dearly.
·         A life of prayer is a life to holiness.
·         Jesus you are peace, love, the Son of God... you are in my neighbour.
·         Pray, that the world may recognise the Love of Jesus to all humanity.
·         Be His disciple, to love your neighbour and to share His love.
·         Love is, to be Jesus to others.
·         Peace... will reign when there is Jesus in the midst.
·         Trust Him in your life, have faith in Him, and grow in His love.
·         My desire in life is to know Jesus in a more personal way.
·         Do good to others, by being Jesus to your neighbour.
·         Life is a gift from God... it is an opportunity to know God in a personal way.
·         To be a Saint you only need to love Jesus, be Jesus, and give Jesus to others.
·         Holiness, is to be to others how Jesus would be to them.
·         Love conquers everything. Jesus showed us how to love.
·         Share the Good News... that Jesus loves us in a personal way and will lead us to Heaven.
·         I am gracious for His daily love to me.

In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
my above mentioned website is being updated nearly on a daily basis. So visit the website often as there is always something new for you….to enrich your faith!

and George Calleja Christian Author

Sunday, 16 August 2015

A special offer of 99 cents only to purchase ‘YES… I WILL FOLLOW HIM’ through SmashWord.

A special offer of 99 cents only to purchase ‘YES… I WILL FOLLOW HIM’ through SmashWord.
This offer is available until the end of September 2015.
All you have to do to receive this offer is to follow the indicated link and enter the coupon code for the respective ebook.


Coupon Code: BQ85G

The following are extracts from this ebook:

….During my time as a missionary with ‘ICPE’, I recall going through different sacrifices. There were times when as a group we performed a mime in the streets of Germany and other countries, to bring forth the message of Salvation, together with our testimonies and preaching. It wasn’t the first time that people watching us made fun of us, laughed at us and ridiculed us. I used to feel the pain… but during the same occasion, I would see other people receiving our message of hope and desiring Jesus… that would encourage me to keep on going spreading the Good News!...

…A couple of months before, as a team, we had prayed to see where God wanted us to evangelize. It was clear to us that God wanted us to go to the USSR… and a group of around 15 missionaries said another ‘Yes’ to Him in response to His asking us to go there! We had some fears about this mission… would it be safe? Did we risk being imprisoned? These questions, together with others, immediately came to our minds… but we totally trusted in Him that He would take care of us…

…After I managed to get out of the van, I was a bit dizzy, and immediately St. Paul came to my mind… I thought well, Paul was shipwrecked to spread the Good News, and here I am in Moscow experiencing this accident. This experience gave me more courage to continue, as I could see His protection…