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Thursday, 4 December 2014

‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’ (ISBN: 9781310773280).

Hello, I am George Calleja from Malta.

My first ebook has just been published: ‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’ (ISBN: 9781310773280).

The aim of this ebook is to provide inspiration and encouragement for your life. It is an opportunity for people around the globe to find courage in their life, by trusting God to be more present in their life. 

The ebook is divided into four parts. The first part features different short thoughts and experiences of what life is all about. In the second part one will find some encouraging and helpful quotations from the Bible, together with some reflections I have written which help in one’s meditation and prayer. The third part features very short (just one sentence long) spiritual thoughts and reflections.   Finally, in the fourth part one will find a selection of inspirational photos which I have collected over the years.

This ebook can be downloaded from:


Barnes & Noble





I hope that you find this ebook of interest and that reaches its aim of helping you in your spiritual growth.

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