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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 11)

·         Helping your neighbour is a way to spread God’s love.
·         Love your neighbour….whoever your neighbour is.
·         Pray for peace in the world and start by loving your neighbour.
·         Reading the Bible is a way to know Jesus, and loving your neighbour helps you to know Jesus in a personal way.
·         Be glad with what you have, and thank Him for your life.
·         If you are in peace with your neighbour, there is a chance for the world to change.
·         Jesus is the source of our lives. Jesus is the one to trust.
·         Mary…thank you for being the Mother of Jesus.
·         My guardian angel, a gift from God to me, to protect and help me in my life.
·         If I love every person I meet during the day, I am God’s instrument for peace.
·         Seek His love, seek His peace, and share it with your neighbour.
·         Every moment of your life is a gift from God.

In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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