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Friday, 25 July 2014


When Mary was under the cross and she heard Jesus say his last words: “God why have you forsaken me?”; could it be that she also said them herself. She could have; she certainly was entitled to do so; she must have felt the same, seeing her son, whom she knew was God leaving her on her own. BUT SHE SUFFERED IN SILENCE.

Silence is a virtue which few appreciate in today’s world. Mary was the silence behind Jesus’s words throughout his life. She was also the silence at the very end of His life. Maybe she knew and believe that Jesus will raise again.

She heard Him say it, but did she understand Him until it actually happened? Today, we know what happened so we know the historical part, at least. If I really believe that Jesus rose from the dead, that I am able to suffer like Mary did IN SILENCE.

Silence is stronger than words. May Mary be our guide whenever we are suffering and let us offer this suffering such that we give value to it.

(Paul Borg – Malta [June 2014])

In Unity,
George Calleja – Malta

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