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Saturday, 5 April 2014

He Heals A Broken Heart

I am here
All alone.....
My heart is broken
As it has been stolen
By someone who no longer cares!
What do I do now?
I listen to the silence around me
And shake hands with loneliness!
She introduces herself as "Aloneness"
And is ready to teach me
How to enjoy my very own company!
I close my eyes,
Take a deep breath
And imagine Jesus healing my broken heart!
I put my hand on my heart
And realize the broken pieces are being mended!
I smile to myself
As I realize I am no longer alone
Jesus is here with me.
He accepts me as I am.
He loves me unconditionally!
He is a faithful friend, a life-time companion ;
The Only one who can heal a broken heart....

Jesabelle Azzopardi - Malta.  (Copyright 2014)

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