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Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Prodigal Daughter

Her eyes were full of tears,
As she embraced her fears,
All alone, vanished from sight
In the darkness of the night. 

She walked; her heart full of pain,
And she felt all was in vain.
She had let the devil win,
Adultery was her sin. 

Her husband was not enough,
Betraying him felt too tough.
Guilt gave her a sense of grief,
Sin stole her peace, like a thief! 

She had thought she would find love,
Lost grace from Heaven above,
But her heart remained empty
And her remorse was plenty! 

Thoughts of the prodigal son,
Passed through her mind, one by one.
Like him she's now a pauper,
She's the prodigal daughter! 

Suddenly she stopped; standing,
Thought of the story's ending,
That son left his life of sin
And from scratch he did begin! 

She started running so fast,
As much as her breath could last,
Did not feel scared anymore,
She would knock on Heaven's door! 

As she ran she reached the shore,
And wet sand became her floor.
She plunged herself in the sea,
Her soul cleansed and was set free!  

Darkness was broken by light
As a vision came to sight.
Jesus reached out towards her,
Her, the prodigal daughter!                 

He grabbed her by His strong hand,
Carried her onto the sand.
He held her close, wiped her tears,
And he cast away her fears. 

Rays of hope flourished her heart,
Vowed from Him she'd never part,
Chains broke, He was forgiving,
In peace she shall start living! 

(Jesabelle Azzopardi - Malta [copyright 2014])
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