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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 5)

·         Seek the Lord, trust in Him, and let Him be the source of your life.

·         True joy and happiness have the roots in God's Love.

·         Whenever you feel weary, know that it was nailed on the Cross.

·         Respect all people, love all people, help all people, see Jesus in all people.

·         Sin is what separates us from the Loving Father. Jesus, the bridge to the Loving Father.

·         Life is a journey that passes through good and difficult moments. Let Jesus be the guide to this journey, to show you the way to Salvation.

·         Forgive, make peace, and let His joy reign in your life.

·         My neighbour, the person I am to love in every moment of my life.

·         Jesus is my best friend, Jesus is my neighbour.

·         Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer with the Father, an example for us to follow.

In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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