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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Short Inspirational Messages (Number 4)

·         Love is the most valuable treasure in the world. Without it destruction reigns.

·         Whenever there is real forgiveness, love shall reign.

·         Be humble in every situation, so that joy shines in your life.

·         The Eucharist......thank you Jesus for I am able to receive you in everyday of my life.

·         Prayer makes me closer to Jesus, it helps me to know Him more.

·         You are never alone in difficult times, as He is always there beside you.

·         Knowing Jesus in a personal way, makes one's life fulfilled.

·         Helping people with their needs is a way to love your neighbour.

·         Those who are poor in spirit are mostly in need of prayer.

·         Know that Jesus is always waiting for you to accept His love.

·         Jesus, your love is very special, your love is always new each day.


In Peace

George Calleja - Malta
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