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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

‘Looking forward to Christmas’

We all look forward to Christmas, young and old.  There is a feeling a well being and everyone shakes hands and offers you his/her good wishes.  That is a good thing; a very good thing.  This is not just a religious feeling but even people who do not believe in God portray this sense of wellbeing towards others.  The lights, the colourful shops, the songs in the streets, the offers to help others – all these help us to remember that we live with other people and if we help them then we are giving them part of our love.

Imagine if this feeling was carried on throughout the year.  Why should I not continue to salute my neighbour every morning or the guy with whom I share the lift.  Why should I not continue to do small, simple gestures of love towards others which cost me nothing but which may make some body feel good today – I may just allow some one to come out from a difficult side street to pass in front of me; I may just smile at an elderly couple and say “Good morning”; I may just look up from my computer to help a colleague at work who is trying to finish within a deadline.

All are simple things which we may do every day of our lives and which spread love towards others; thus multiplying God’s love for us. In every individual I meet there is God’s spirit in him/her.  When I help some one I am doing it to God.  He told us that “Whatever you do for any one of these little ones, you are doing it to Me.” Madre Theresa said (not in quote): It is best to do many small things but with a lot of love.

(this thought has been written by Paul Borg – Malta)

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