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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - July 2013 - 'Share Jesus Love'

In different occasions in our life we have heard of people experiences of what Jesus love means to their lives.  We have heard people believing and trusting in Jesus after experiencing Him personally in their lives.

Jesus makes a big difference in people’s life.  I have experienced this personally, and for this reason I try my best to share Jesus love with others.  Through my daily living I try to share Jesus love with my family, friends, at my workplace, in the parish, at the grocer, and in other occasions during the day. 
Today, Jesus is still making a big difference in people’s life.  We are encouraged to share this love of His with others.  Many people have still not heard of Him, desire to know Him, waiting for people to share about His love.  People are waiting for you to share His love with them.
There might be people reading this reflection who have still not know Jesus in a personal way, others might know Him personally.  I believe that Jesus wants us all to know Him personally.
Thank God that Jesus made a difference in your life, and so do share Jesus love with others.
If you are in doubt about this, ask Jesus to show you His love through others.

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