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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - February 2013 - ‘Jesus makes me rich’

Do you know someone who is really rich, and can buy all the things which his heart desires?  Have you ever wished that you can be like that person, no problem of buying things, and have whatever you want?

It is true, that being rich you are able to buy many things which your heart desires.  But by buying all the things which your heart desires, does that fulfills your life of being rich?!

Having a rich-full life does not depends if you are material rich or not, it all depends of having a personal relationship with Jesus.  A relationship that through His love, you are able to appreciate life more.  You are able of loving your neighbour in a new rich-full way, trusting Him through faith that He provides through your relationship with Him, and that He shows you the way.

A relationship with Jesus, is what people need, is what society thirsts for.  Jesus is the way for each person.  Jesus is the way to make you the spiritual realm. 

Jesus makes me rich.

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