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Sunday, 29 July 2012

NEWS ABOUT THE WEBSITE :- 'Peace and unity in our lives'

NEWS ABOUT THE WEBSITE :- 'Peace and unity in our lives' with the address as:-

Last June I made the above website on the internet.

The aim of this site is to provide inspiration and encouragement for life, and hope that this small contribution of mine will provide an opportunity for people around the globe to find courage in their life, by trusting God to be more present in their life.

I have already received a lot of positive feedback regarding this website, and I am really encouraged about it.  I thank God for this.

In order that this website continues to be reached further to people, I require you who visit this blog to help me in the following ways:-

1. by providing the link of this site to any individually around the globe that can benefit from it by linking it to another website such as parishes, youth organisations etc.

2.  to mention this website on your blog posts, in Google+, facebook, twitter, forums etc etc

3. to distribute the website link by email to all your other friend.

Through the above three ways, you would be helping people to have an inspiration and find encouragement in their life.

I hope that you find this site of interest, taking up these initiatives on a personal way, so other people may know about Christ!! and may it bring peace to your life.

In Peace and Unity,


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