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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Monthly Reflection by George Calleja - July 2012 - ‘Loving my neighbour’

Who is my neighbour?  Who is my neighbour I am to love?

Any person I meet during the day is my neighbour, and they are all deserved to be loved.  God loves each and every person I meet during the day, but, do I love them?

The truth if I am really living the gospel depends amongst others if I love my neighbour.  Yes, I can be hurt by my neighbour, but the test is, do I love them?

Forgiveness and reconciliation are important in my life if I really want to love my neighbour.  Loving my neighbour helps me to be closer to God.  Being closer to God helps me to live a life more in peace and in unity with the people I meet.

The fullness of my life depends a lot if I love my neighbour.  So the next time you are with your neighbour, ask God to help you to love that person.

 George Calleja - Malta

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