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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

An instrument of Love

Playing the guitar, the piano, the violin or another instrument is a pleasurable experience.  One can relax by playing these instruments and can make other people also relax as they appreciate the music.

Playing an instrument is an art in itself.  An art, that requires perfection, patience to learn and time to practice.

Have you ever tried to be an instrument of  Love?  You can make people happy, relaxed and glad that they are loved.  This instrument also requires that you aim for perfection, patience and time to learn. 

This instrument is the art of God’s Love.

I really enjoy to be this instrument, to bring hope, peace and love to the people I meet with. 

Through this instrument people receive Jesus in their hearts.

Do you want to be this instrument and play it during the day!!

In Unity,

George Calleja – Malta

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